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Alicante City


Alicante - The second largest city in the province of Valencia with a population of around 300,000. Alicante has the look and feel of a modern city; however its modern look hides a history that goes back to the 4th Century BC.

Many of the city´s most beautiful buildings and landmarks including the Santa Barbara Castle overlook the Mediterranean Sea, proudly guarded by mountains, which explains its history as an important sea port and trading centre.

Alicante was first conquered by the Greeks who first settled there in about 320 BC, then by the Romans in 201 BC and then by the Moors who held control until the 13th Century. The city has seen war and conflict right up until the Spanish Civil War 1936-39 when it was one of the last Spanish cities to fall to Franco.

Alicante today is a more peaceful place and thrives more on the modern industry of tourism; with its mild temperate climate and scarcity of rain it is the ideal location for permanent residents, tourists and holidaymakers from all over Europe and indeed the world.

Alicante Luxury Homes offer marina and ocean-front newly developed apartments with wonderful views of the yacht club and the Mediterranean Sea. These are located on the La Explanada de España, one of the most exclusive and exciting areas by far on the Costa Blanca. For further details of this exclusive real estate in Alicante City, please click here.

Alicante is graced by some of the best beaches in Spain and has some fine watersports venues such as Albufereta beach and Almadraba beach. One of the very best beaches is at Playa de San Juan, on a hot sunny day there can be few better places to be. Alicante Luxury Homes offers an array of luxury homes in San Juan, famous for its long sandy beaches, great restaurants and close to the luxurious Hesperia Hotel and Alicante Golf complex.

Alicante City has a lively nightlife and has a huge choice of bars and restaurants with cuisines to suit all tastes although the speciality of the area is fish; being a thriving seaport it has created a number of local dishes comprising of fish.

There are an abundance of spectacular carnivals and religious festivals throughout the year. The Spanish people love their fiestas which they enjoy with much vigour and gusto. Some of the best known fiestas include the Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians), held in late April and celebrating the defeat of the Moors by the Christians in the 13th Century, the Hogueras de Sant Joan (celebration of the bonfires), the Misteri D'Elx (Mystery of Elche) held in August and the annual carnival held in the days leading up to Ash Wednesday.

As a city with a rich and ancient history there are an array of historical sites to visit; these include the Castle of Santa Barbara (situated on Mount Benacantil) which towers over the Marina, one of the biggest medieval fortresses in Europe, the Iglesia de Santa Maria - the oldest church in Alicante, and the Museo Archaeologico - Alicante´s famous archaeological museum.

For those shopaholics there is also a modern shopping area which includes the well-known Corte Inglés department store and numerous fashion boutiques.

Alicante is easy to get to by most means of transport; the airport is at El Altet ( a 10 minute drive from the city centre), there is a main line railway station with trains running to Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, the city is also easily reached by motorway from all surrounding areas and via the notorious N332 coastal road.

Alicante City is a truly beautiful and vibrant city and an ideal place to buy a luxury apartment or penthouse as a permanent or vacation home. Contact Alicante Luxury Homes for any queries you may have.





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