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Homestaging in Alicante, Valencia and other areas of Spain

Did you know that in 2013,  only 9% of owners succeeded in selling their property in Spain?

The other 91% who were not able to sell their homes had their homes on the market for 15 months and in many cases a lot longer.

Home Staging techniques have been successful  for more than  40 years in USA and almost 10 Years in other areas of Europe.

Alicante Luxury Homes have partnered with Sophie Lebhard from Casas Escenas, a home staging company based in the Alicante and Valencia region that can help owners sell their property faster and in many cases avoid them reducing the price of their properties!



The real question an owner should ask themselves is, "As it stands, will my property sell at the price I am asking?"

Potential buyers make up their minds in less than 45 seconds; the first impression is essential! It is clear that we have to seduce and differentiate. Cleaning, organising, repairing and harmonising are some of the important steps of Home Staging as well as professional photographs which all help to increase interest, visits and sales.

Casas en Escena is one of the first Home Staging companies in Spain and have been helping clients sell their homes quicker and at the best price for the last 10 years.

For a relative investment your property will sell faster at a higher price.

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